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      Other matters
      When we go through the shipping procedures of your goods, once we find any problems in the goods, we will first take positive and effective remedial measures, and immediately notify the person in charge of your business by email and telephone; At the same time, our company will take a comprehensive, clear and detailed picture of the problem goods, and then quickly send it to the business person in charge of your company by email and fax, so that your company can decide how to deal with the problem goods according to the situation of the problem goods. After receiving the treatment opinions from the person in charge of your business, we will implement them. Never deliver the goods with problems to the consignee designated by your company without authorization.
      From the beginning of picking up the goods in your warehouse, until the goods are delivered to the consignee designated by your company and signed in, our company will track the whole storage and transportation status of the goods at any time, and take the initiative to inform the business person in charge of your company of the latest status of the goods on a regular basis.
      In order to ensure smooth communication with your company, when the email system fails, our company will actively carry out business with your company quickly through telephone, fax, mobile phone and other means, without business delay.
      Definition and treatment of quality accident
      If our company fails to meet the above-mentioned basic business requirements and assessment standards due to our work mistakes, it will be regarded as our service quality accident.
      When there is a service quality accident in our company, we will immediately take all positive and effective measures to make up for all kinds of losses and adverse consequences to your company.
      Our company will report the service quality accident to the responsible person of your company through email and fax. The report includes the accident process, remedial measures, cause analysis, improvement plan, prevention plan, etc.
      Monthly business cycle and billing
      The normal monthly business cycle is from the beginning to the end of each month.
      Our company will submit the expense bill to the business responsible person of your company by email and telephone within 5 working days after the business cycle. The contents of the expense bill shall be clear, complete and correct, so that your company can fulfill the payment time agreed in the contract.
      Our company will report the monthly performance report to the person in charge of your company by email and telephone within 5 working days after the business cycle.
      Within 10 working days after the business cycle, our company will deliver all the original documents, such as consignment note, delivery list, packing list, etc., which have been signed and received by the designated consignee of your company to the person in charge of your company's business. Our company will stack the receipt in accordance with the order of the expense bill, so as to avoid confusion and lack.
      Our company will record the service quality accident in the monthly performance report required by your company, and submit it to the business person in charge of your company together with the expense bill at the time required by your company, as one of the necessary documents for our company to apply to your company for settlement of expenses.
      At the time of settlement, the deductible "national combined transport invoice" or "highway inland river invoice" shall be issued
      When you have important and urgent goods to be shipped, we will cooperate with you to the maximum extent and meet your requirements