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    1. 今天是2023年2月20日 星期一,歡迎光臨本站 



      Company profile

      Shanghai Yuxin Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modern logistics enterprise specialized in multimodal transportation, warehousing, customs declaration, insurance, product packaging and distribution, circulation processing, information processing, etc. The company was founded in 1990, officially renamed as Shanghai Yuxin Logistics Co., Ltd. in 2010, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. Our company has ISO9001 quality system certification, more than 200 employees, more than 50 sets of vehicles of various sizes, and more than 30 Chinese and foreign customers cooperate with us. The company's business outlets own more than 20000 square meters of warehouses, including 5000 square meters of Shanghai company and 4000 square meters of Shenyang company, which can meet the needs of customers' logistics extension services. The company undertakes the national highway transportation business, and operates the special line transportation from Shanghai to Shenyang and Changchun. Yuxin logistics takes systematization, standardization and networking as its core competitiveness, uses Yuxin logistics ERP system software for digital operation, and invests in the revolution of logistics industry with advanced consciousness. At present, the company has set up branches in large and medium-sized cities and established regional distribution centers; It has a central distribution center in Shanghai; The company has a strong economic strength, with a large number of professional logistics management personnel, to meet the needs of customers from all walks of life. Efficient, fast, safe, the absolute execution of customer instructions is our service policy. In a door-to-door way, to provide satisfactory services for all sectors of society. The company's timely, accurate, safe, convenient and warm service has won the trust of many customers. The business volume of transportation, storage and packaging has been steadily increasing year by year, and the business scope has been expanding. The products of transportation, storage and packaging involve newspapers and books, communication equipment, chemical industry, daily necessities machinery and other fields. The company's strength has been continuously enhanced, and has formed a certain scale. The whole vehicle light load goods sent to major cities in the country are sold at reasonable prices and perfect services, Formed a unique operating advantage. Yuxin logistics with advanced equipment, vertical and horizontal network, standardized operation process, high-quality after-sales service, to provide customers with time-saving, labor-saving, money saving logistics plan, so that customers can fully enjoy one-stop thoughtful service. The national logistics management system platform based on Internet is adopted to realize on-line real-time tracking management, reasonable transportation, warehousing and other logistics information all over the country, realize full information sharing with customers, and provide customers with required reports and data in various ways. You sit at home, we will win for you.

      In recent years, the business volume of our company has been growing steadily, and the business scope has been expanding constantly. The products of transportation, storage and packaging involve mechanical equipment, auto parts, books and periodicals, electronic communication equipment and other fields. The strength of our company has been continuously enhanced, and we have gradually established a system platform of all-round three-dimensional logistics service from order receiving to implementation. With our increasingly perfect management system and unique business philosophy, we have formed a unique operational advantage, which has won the trust of many well-known enterprises and the general praise of customers.
      In order to adapt to the rapid development of high standards and strict requirements of the market, the company proposed a series of measures to shorten the gap between us and the same industry at home and abroad by improving our own software and hardware facilities and improving the overall quality of employees, so as to lay a solid foundation for our goal of becoming a first-class logistics company.



      11上海玉鑫物流有限公司是專業從事多種方式聯運、倉儲、報關、保險、產品包裝配送、流通加工、信息處理等一體化的現代物流企業。公司成立于1990年,2010年正式更名為上海玉鑫物流有限公司,注冊資金2000萬元,擁有員工200多人,各種大小車輛50多臺套,30余家中外客戶與我司合作。公司各業務網點自有倉庫20000多平方,其中上海公司5000平方,沈陽公司4000多平方,可以滿足客戶的物流延伸服務需要。公司承接全國公路運輸業務,同時經營上海至沈陽、長春的專線運輸。玉鑫物流以系統化、規范化、網絡化為核心競爭力,運用玉鑫物流ERP系統軟件數字化運作,以超前的意識投入物流界的革命。目前公司已在全國大中城市設有分支機構,組建了區域分發中心;在上海建有中央分發中心;公司具備雄厚的經濟實力,擁有眾多的物流專業管理人才,能夠滿足各界客戶的需求。 高效,快速,安全,對客戶指令的絕對執行力是我們的服務方針。以門對門的方式,為社會各界提供滿意的服務。公司以及時、準確、安全、方便和熱情周到的服務,贏得了眾多客戶的信任。運輸、倉儲、包裝等業務量,逐年穩步增長,業務范圍不斷擴展,運輸、倉儲、包裝的產品涉及報刊書籍、通訊設備、化工、日用品機械等各個領域,公司實力不斷增強,形成了一定的規模,發往全國各大城市的整車零擔貨物以合理的價格和完善的服務,形成了獨具特色的操作優勢。玉鑫物流以先進的設備,縱橫的網絡,規范的操作流程,優質的售后服務,為客戶提供省時、省力、省錢的物流計劃,讓客戶充分享受一站式周到服務。采用基于INTERNET的全國性物流管理系統平臺,實現在線時實跟蹤管理合理全國各地的運輸、倉儲等物流信息,并于客戶實現全程信息化共享,以多種方式向客戶提供所需報表和數據。您安坐于家中,我們為您決勝千里之外。