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    1. 今天是2023年2月20日 星期一,歡迎光臨本站 












      Delivery time
      Our company will quickly prepare the transportation capacity according to the delivery time and place notified by your company, and arrive at your warehouse within 1 hour to handle the delivery procedures.
      On the premise of not affecting the delivery time required by your company, if our company fails to handle the delivery on time and place according to the delivery time and place notified by your company, our company shall inform you of the actual situation in advance and apply for delay in delivery.
      Pick up service
      Our company shall abide by your company's management regulations when taking delivery of goods. Contact the warehouse staff of your company first, and then enter the factory warehouse to pick up the goods according to the instructions. After receiving the goods consigned by your company, you should check whether the specification, model, quantity and other information in the consignment note and the label on the outer box of the goods are consistent when counting the goods. If the two are consistent, our company will sign on the consignment note; If the two do not match, we will inform you immediately.
      Our pick-up driver will contact with the person in charge of your company after picking up the goods to see if there are any documents that need to be handed over, and leave your company with the consent of the person in charge of your company.
      Pick up the goods in your company in strict accordance with the above requirements, and follow the arrangement of your internal and external security personnel and warehouse delivery personnel.