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      Delivery of goods
      Deliver the goods to the consignee on time and place in strict accordance with the shipping information filled in by your company on the consignment note, and do not change any shipping information without authorization (such as early delivery or delayed delivery, etc.).
      When the shipment information needs to be changed due to various reasons (for example, delivery in advance or delayed delivery), our company will actively strive to meet your requirements and do a good job of coordination and cooperation.
      When our company fails to deliver your goods to your designated consignee on time due to various reasons, our company will take the initiative to inform the person in charge of your business by email and telephone at the first time.
      Before the delivery of your goods to your designated consignee, if any abnormal phenomenon is found in the outer packing box of the goods, our company will immediately notify the person in charge of your business by email and telephone, and take active and effective remedial measures immediately. We will never deliver the damaged goods to your designated consignee without authorization.
      When handling the handover procedures of goods and documents with the consignee (company) designated by your company, if the consignee has any objection to the goods and documents (such as the objection to the quantity and quality, etc.), our company must immediately suspend the handover procedures, and notify the person in charge of your company's business by email and telephone. Before receiving the clear instructions from the person in charge of your company's business, we must, Our company is not allowed to sign any certificate with any similar discrepancy with the consignee without authorization.
      When delivering your goods to your designated receiver (company), our company must strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the receiver (company) and the receiving process, and there will be no illegal operation, barbaric operation, etc.